Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey Facebook Friends!! I'm pregnant!

So I know by now that everyone has seen this monumental pic.  Besides Beyonce being completely #flawless, she is now pregnant with twins! I'm attaching the photo, because why not just admire it one more time.  Will it ever get old? Probably not.

Beyonce announced her pregnancy on February 1st via Instagram with the caption, "We would like to share our love and happiness.  We have been blessed two times over.  We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. -The Carters".  As one can expect, this practically broke the internet, and it was all anyone seemed to be talking about.  

It is typical for celebrities to announce news to the public via their personal accounts on various social media platforms.  This allows celebrities to control the message and the exact message being portrayed to the public.  As I continued to analyze this particular pregnancy announcement, I realized that this practice is more common that I originally thought.  

Take a second to think back and reflect on how many times you might have found out intimate details of someone's life via Facebook, Instagram, or any similar platforms.  It is extremely common for people to post milestone events as their "status updates".  Often times these updates are posted and digested quicker than the person is able to personally inform their family and close friends.  Why are we so quick to post such intimate details for the masses?

As marketers, it would be foolish to not think of this direct, mass sharing from a business standpoint. This behavior shows that people are not afraid to share.  We constantly feel the need to share and absorb information about our close connections as well as some relatively far removed ones.  In my opinion, the explanation and way to benefit from these activities is simple.

People want to share many things and want to feel like people care about their life and what they are sharing about it.  If a company can give people something to share and better their life and social media image at the same time to almost emulate the status of celebrity, the company has won.  Make people feel important and give them something to share.


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