Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Uber or Lyft?  Okay so I have to stray away from my typical sports, reality tv, and fashion theme to discuss something that happened this past weekend. For what seems like forever, the ride-hailing apps, Uber and Lyft, have been competing for the top spot.  Many users in the United States consider Uber the winner, but Lyft has been making up for lost time and users.  Did the ultimate switch-a-roo actually happen? Is Lyft finally on top?

As many of you know and have probably seen flooding your social media, President Trump's immigration ban has people sharing their feelings like no other.  Over the weekend, New York City taxi drivers decided that they weren't into "making America great again", so they decided to strike and not have any pickups from the JFK airport.  As one of the busiest airports in the US, Uber seemed to take advantage of the opportunity.

Shortly after the NY Taxi Workers tweeted about their strike, Uber tweeted to let everyone know that they would be turning off the surge feature around the airport.  While many would think that cheaper Uber rides would be more favorable to the guests passing through JFK, this was not the case.

Uber users were so upset with the insensitive reaction that they started #deleteuber.  Many people expressed their disapproval directly, and also mentioned how they were making the switch to Lyft.

This is obviously not a prime opportunity for Uber.  Losing any share of the market can be detrimental, especially with Lyft trying so hard to break Uber prior to this event.  It is important for companies to practice good business practices.  This means being sensitive to its customers.  It is often hard to recover from such negative PR, and a delete and loss in downloads takes a hit in Uber's profitability.  We can all learn one lesson from this, and it is simply that sensitivity is key.  


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